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Elena Rau
  • С 2016 Methodist (counselor) of the camp "MiMikria"
  • 2010–2016 Methodist GAU "ITSDSO" (State Autonomous Establishment "Moscow Center for Children and Family Rest", renamed the Moscow State Institute of Architecture and Architecture "Mosgortur")
  • 2006–2010 counselor, methodologist of the All-Russian Children's Center "Ocean", Vladivostok
  • 2005–2006 teacher-organizer of the Moscow City Boarding School No. 161 in Novosibirsk
Anton Bykov
  • С 2016 leader of the camp "Mimicry".
  • 2015 he staged 3 plays: Fando and Lis on F. Arrabal's play, "Horse's Legs" by A.Ryunosk's novel, "Man-Pillow" after M.MakDonakh's play. The diploma performance "Man-pillow" took first place at the XIV Delphic Games in the Orel region, was presented at the XI Moscow International Festival of Student Performances "Your Chance"
  • 2011-2015 passed pedagogical and industrial practice in the theatrical studios in the city of Orel
  • 2012 Leader-organizer in health resort "Dubrava", Bryansk
Tonny Sebbaggala

Mr. Tony is a teacher who draws his charisma not only to children but to all who are nearby during his studies. A teacher by vocation - it's safe to talk about him. "I really love working with children and sharing my knowledge. In exchange they give me their happiness joy and smiles. I try to teach them not only the language, but also that. how to control yourself, how to listen, interact with other guys. Working with children always cheers me up. "

Maria Sviridok

Methodist in teaching English,
The leader
since 2016
methodologist of English language teaching at the theatrical camp "Mimikriya",
The camp leader is Mimikriya.
Counselor of children's theater camp School of Wizards
2013 - 2016
senior educator of the SSOL "Leningrad"

Hаnna Ebako

Hanna has been working with children of preschool and school age for more than 4 years. He carries away children with his charisma and energy. With great love and care, he treats his students and in everyone arouses interest in learning English.

Irina Alexandrova

The main director of the studio, the teacher of theatrical disciplines.

A graduate of the College of Arts with a degree in "staging theatrical performances" (2007)

Graduate of the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts (workshop Kustova GA Chair "Directing and Mastery of the Actor") (2012).

The actress "A.V. Theater. "

For five years of working with children, her students have repeatedly won the All-Russian and International competitions.