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There is a set in the kindergarten!

There is a set in the kindergarten!

(junior group)

Yes, you are just the parent who aspires to give his child a better education, better education. You have always understood the importance of English. But you also want your child to dance, draw, sculpt, sing and create in addition to the English language. You draw from year to year in your imagination and look for such a place for your child, where good teachers take care of him all day, where he is comfortable and comfortable, where all his talents are revealed ...

Bring your child to the kindergarten Development Center for the Future (CDF):

  • After 2-3 months, your 3-year-old baby will start asking you for a goblet in English
  • in six months he will not be lost in an English-speaking environment
  • In a year you will begin to ask him how to ask a question about English during a foreign holiday
  • and in the summer before school he can easily read English books in the original